Most Popular OS in the Market: Android and iOS top the list

Posted on May 27 2013 - 5:11pm by tq

It has been recently revealed by International Data Corporation that Android and Apple’s iOS have claimed the top two spots as the leading smartphone operating system across the globe. Windows Phone has grabbed the third spot.


Ramon Llamas, research manager with IDC’s Mobile Phone Team has also thrown some light on the fact that both Android and iOS have acquired a combined total of 92.3% out of all the smartphones that were sold in the first quarter of 2013. They increased their sales from 125.4m units in 2012 to 199.5m units in 2013 which can be roughly calculated as a rise of around 59%. That’s pretty impressive.

Among companies that use the service of Android, Samsung is obviously leading the charts claiming 41.1% of the Android market. Many other small companies claim the rest. Although the competition among Android companies is getting fierce day by day, still it has not hampered any reputation loss of Android which has seen it becoming the leading OS in the market for this year too.

Windows Phone’s alliance with Nokia proved to be a masterstroke by Microsoft as it leapfrogged Blackberry to occupy the third spot. It has enhanced its profits for this year to almost double the profits of last year. It’s collaboration with Nokia has seen Windows Phone devices crossing the sale of 20m units mark thus allowing them to present themselves in the global market. However comparing it to the total sales of Android and iOS, it will still require some time to fully establish themselves as a potential substitute for Android or iOS.

Although iOS has grabbed the 2nd spot in terms of popularity and products sold by having the maximum sales in their history in this quarter, still its continuous degradation in share market is a cause of concern. There has been no such dramatic rise in its demands or share value since its inauguration into world market. However the upcoming iOS 7 can perhaps help Apple redeem their status once again.

Blackberry’s new BB10 has helped in keeping the prestige of company in terms of sales by just crossing the one million mark in the present quarter. Its BB7 also contributes largely to their shipments. Linux’s continuous decline since its launch of 1Q10 has been another major worry. Although the 1st quarter may not be as fruitful as the rest but still it promises a lot for the later part of this year which will see Samsung release the Linux’s first Tizen powered smartphones. Linux’s major concern has been the switching of all the mobile companies towards Android or iOS. However it is soon going to be revolutionized perhaps.


Another OS greatly affected by this switching is the Symbian. With Nokia switching to Windows and all the Japanese customers to Android, Symbian has less or no importance in today’s market. Its outdated status has also resulted in its worst ever shipping volume recorded in comparison to all the other OS.

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